Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos

by Anayanze Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Like every other reporter they want facts and they want it for themselves to broadcast to the world. Ramos is known for his success as a  hispanic journalist and for representing the hispanic race as a 57 year old from Mexico City. Overall his actions are recognized as affecting the rest of the hispanic population. Recent news of Donald Trump’s racism with the hispanic race has been put to the mind of journalist Jorge Ramos from Univision. Although Ramos arrived on Tuesday at the Iowa press event where he claims that he predicted it would be difficult for him to get the chance to speak to Trump. During the evening Ramos attempt to grasp the attention of Trump, although Trump told him to sit back down because he never allowed him to speak. Although, before sitting back down Trump  demanded that Ramos return to Univision, and  the tension only increased. Ramos claimed to have asked Trump about his immigration proposals and how he was planning on paying for all of it. Donald Trump ignored his wait for an answer, and had Jorge Ramos escorted out by security. Ramos lacked any form of violence and was surprised to be escorted out, but just a question that seemed to really crack the insides of Trump. In later events Donald answered Ramos’s question; Donald plans to have Mexico pay for a great wall along the border of Mexico because he claims Mexico is allowing mexicans to enter the United States. He did not entirely answer how much it would cost him to separate families, and send them out of the country since about more than half of the population consists of hispanics and other races as well. The results of Trumps actions and language toward immigrants has affected his position with NBC. After his comments with immigrants that he discussed with them in June they decided to close their association with Trump and cancel his airing of the Miss USA pageant and will therefore cancel the show for this season, but will return next season with a new host.


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