The Controversy of the Plant


Staff Writer
unnamedFor the last few years, there has been a raging debate on the legalization of marijuana. Some say that the drug should stay illegal for it being addictive and killing brain cells, while others have a different opinion. Many effects of marijuana are used to treat illnesses such as cancer, because the drug itself causes the patient to get hungry and motivates them to eat, which is good because one effect of chemotherapy is the lost of appetite. Another plus to this situation is the drug is also known for killing cancer cells and relieving pain. Such effects from this drug also apply to AIDS and other major illnesses. Though this drug has its many medical uses, the majority of the users do it for recreational reasons which is mostly why legalizing such a thing is frowned upon. Many fail to see the good it can do. If the drug, marijuana, were to be legalized and simply taxed, it would somewhat help the debt we seem to be sinking in at a rapid pace. Also, the crime rate would drop due to people not being arrested for illegal narcotics and domestic disturbances, and abuse. Other violent crimes would go down as well for the drug being used to calm them rather than irritate or aggravate like alcohol. Marijuana is also frowned upon for being addictive with some negative long term effects if used for a long period of time. Does this not sound familiar? Alcohol will damage your liver or even make your liver shut down over long periods of heavy drinking. Also, millions of people every year in the US struggle with alcoholism. Building on this, cigarettes cause more severe damage than marijuana by over two-fold and is more addictive due to the producers putting in nicotine to purposely keep their consumers buying their product. Which leads us to the ultimate question. is marijuana really the most negative choice in the world? If marijuana is illegal for these things, why aren’t alcohol and cigarettes illegal for the same reasons?      

2 thoughts on “The Controversy of the Plant

  1. i agree that they should legalize marijuana especially for medical reasons, but they should set the age to 18 just like cigarettes.

  2. I am in total agreement about the legalization of mariujana because it helps many people through painful illnesses and who is anyone to say that person cant smoke weed , sick or not .

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