How to Get a Harvest Date


Staff Writer

dance-clip-art-Dance-PartyHigh School students start freaking out months in advance of the Harvest dance, mainly us girls. We start daydreaming of what we’re going to wear, what songs are going to play, how we should do our hair, but mainly WHO DO WE GO WITH? It seems to me that everything usually works itself out in the end. If you’re in a relationship it’s easy, you just go with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but if you’re single it’s a different story.


Here is how you get a date:

  • You annoy someone until they are forced to take you.
  • You ask someone in a cute way.
  • Ask one of your good friends to take you.
  • Get a boyfriend.
  • Have one of your friends set you up with someone.
  • Don’t be picky.

There are many more ways to get a date. You just have to be creative and find the best option for you. I would be wise with who I chose though. Some people can be boring dates, they might not want to dance, take pictures, or just fully participate. We do not need to worry when it is so far away, unless it’s the week before, then you better start freaking out. There are other options than going with a “date.”  Going with a big group of your friends is also enjoyable and fun. Most of the time everyone ends up finding a date and having a good time, and they go home and talk about it for weeks.  

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