Girls Water Polo


Staff Writer

On Tuesday, September 29th, El Diamanté’s varsity girls water polo played in Hanford and faced Hanford High School. El D won with a score of five goals, and Hanford lost with a score of four goals. With three attempts, Makenzie Huskey ended up scoring four goals for her team, and Andy Morales scored the final goal for her team. On September 30, at home, our water polo girls faced Redwood High School. With a score of seven, El D won, leaving Redwood with a score of four. Makenzie Huskey and Mandy McCaslin both got one goal. Andy Morales scored a total of three goals, and  Allison Baker got a score of two. Varsity girls water polo will then play Lemoore at Lemoore on October 7.

One thought on “Girls Water Polo

  1. Great job lady Miners! EL D has a solid polo team and so does Hanford. Speaking from experience, they’re a though team to beat. Nice job on your win!

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