Tiger Attacks Zookeeper


Staff Writer

Oz is a Sumatran tiger and also the only adult male tiger at the fourth most popular zoo in New Zealand. On September 20th, a zookeeper named Samantha Kudeweh, was attacked by Oz. Kudeweh had been working at this zoo for around 20 years, and it was very unfortunate she had been working in the tiger habitat at the time. Forty-five minutes previous, a man who had been visiting the zoo that day claims he had seen her before the accident. She walked into the habitat and 45 minutes later he was asked to leave the zoo, and was even offered a full refund. “They seemed a bit panicky.” says Adam Rich, the visitor. Since the zoo is so popular, it is hard to determine how many people could have witnessed the attack. The Hamilton Zoo is owned by the Hamilton City Council. Council spokesman, Jeff Neems, says the tiger who attacked Kudeweh seems to be Oz. Oz is eleven years old, and is currently confined in his habitat. There is no current information on whether the eleven year old Sumatran tiger will be put down or not. However, it was very upsetting for the whole zoo’s staff members to find out Kudeweh had died due to the accident with Oz.

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