Teen Pregnancy: The Tulare County Curse


Staff Writer

Tulare County is known for a number of statistics, but number one on the chart is teen pregnancy. There have been many speculations on why there is such a high teen pregnancy rate in Tulare County. One of these speculations is that teens themselves are raised by parents who had them as teens as well. So through this thought, many of the parents of these teens lacked the experience and knowledge that could help prevent them from making the same mistake that their parents made. This creates an endless cycle of young parents and teen pregnancy. Another reason to blame is today’s pop culture with it’s vulgar music singing about sex and drugs. Also, television shows such as Teen Mom, which justifies having children at a young age, regardless of the negative repercussions that is plainly shown in the show sets a bad example. As impossible as it seems to stop this cycle, there is always a silver lining. If Tulare County were more open to the youth about sex and offered more programs helping in that area, the teen pregnancy rate would go down drastically. For example, other states like Washington have extended classes and other outer programs for teen pregnancy and as a result, the teen pregnancy rate is well below the rate of Tulare County. Also, monitoring the television that is being viewed by our children and being more open to our kids as parents about sex and showing them the right or wrong between it would also help greatly, as well. Through all the reasons of blame to such a topic, it mainly relies on the parent to wield the power they unknowingly have and guide their children to be the responsible young adults they should already be, because younger and younger ages of children are getting pregnant each year.


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