Storm and Flooding in Phoenix


Staff Writer

On Monday night, September 3rd, flash flooding occurred in Phoenix, Arizona due to heavy rain associated with severe thunderstorms. More than 50,00 homes were left with power outages, and many roads were flooded and cars were left stranded due to power lines that were struck down by these natural disasters. Furthermore, Interstate 10 and Interstate 17 were closed due to heavy rain and an accident. According to the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, winds speeds were recorded at 61 mph and more than an inch of rainfall was reported in Phoenix. These major monsoon storms damaged terminal roofs at the airport which delayed many flights. The Phoenix Fire Station No. 1 was also damaged and delayed rescues in a portion of town. To add more on top, the Phoenix Zoo was deeply affected by the storm and was left with major cleanups and repairs that needed to be done. Also, some residential homes were damaged in different ways from roof damages, fallen trees, leaks, and etc. Although, these storms dealt major damages, some residents welcomed the rain like Jamie Holt, a pastor in Phoenix. He stated, “I just heard crazy rain. I love it. I’m glad that it’s finally raining.” However, on the bright side of these storms, no serious injuries were reported.

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