Pet Peeves


Staff Writer

Pet peeves are probably one of the major issues in life. It can be the way people chew, breathe, or a person’s actions. There are various types of pet peeves that bother people. For instance, when a teacher is lecturing and there are students talking or giggling, it gets on teachers’ nerves.

There are so many ways people can be rude. For example, when a person is having a conversation and another person interrupts them. I personally find it rude when people sneeze without covering their mouth. It’s also gross when people talk while eating. People can be obnoxious to others and they do not even know it.

People who do not have any manners is irritating. When someone says “move” or “get out of my way” instead of a simple little “excuse me”, that is rude and very disrespectful. Also, if you ask for a favor always say “thank you”. It will get you far with a person who knows you appreciate them for what they have done for you.

Self-conceited people can get obnoxious. If you know you’re flawless or feel that way about yourself, do not over do it. There are some people that do not have that same self-esteem as that person does. Going around school campus saying something like “I can get any boy or any girl because I’m great and perfect” can make people annoyed or feel horrible about themselves.

Everyone has their pet peeves. Being rude is a major pet peeve in society. Always watch what you say and have manners, because we can really get someone upset or irritated

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