Food Bannings


Staff Writer

Common foods such as Cilantro, Foster Farms chicken, And Eggs have encountered diseases that need our attention. Attention to avoid certain products or perhaps all brands of that product, such as eggs that are prescribed to avoid illness or the chance of death.

Certain areas of the globe have plantation grounds that have been infected. For instance, the common topping for certain recipes, Cilantro, hit an outbreak of cyclosporiasis that state health officials traced back to Puebla, Mexico (were the “fresh cilantro” was planted). Investigations in packing houses lead to fields that lacked water and soap and some lacked the overall restroom. Human feces were tracked on to the Cilantro which proved to be manure and toilet paper on the grounds. Although other cases of diseases have developed over a different process in Fresno, California and Livingston, California in the Foster Farms industry. Mexico reported to have banned Foster Farms for having Salmonella in its meat. As meat comes in hand so do the eggs that they produce. Since January 2014 findings of a flu gone by the name Pathogenic Avian Influenza had an outbreak on hens to this point in time. Investigators only found a lead that traces back into South Korea and believe the spread was caused by flock migration. Otherwise thought as a flu, the flu has hit various countries and states including California.

The most important part of the finding is the effect on ourselves. Investigators have proved that Foster farms has  so far sickened nearly 340 people in the U.S., but no information of hospitalization. Eggs have so far not affected the human race although digestion of the egg is not prescribed. Action, has so far taken off as 6 states in the U.S. sue California over its ban on chickens in tight cages, claiming that as the reason on the spread. Unfortunately Cilantro from Puebla, Mexico has had drastic effects on humans by causing diarrhea and vomiting and has caused sickness in hundreds of people in the United States.

Plans for the future  include each of them being banned, only from Puebla, Mexico from April 1,2015- August 31,2015. As for Foster Farms the industries found in Fresno and Livingston were recently delisted, causing a 25% drop in sales that put companies on the verge of shutting down. Approximately 40% of the affected  citizens had been hospitalized. Although it was different with eggs since the flu could not affect the human race, but they have been banned entirely by China, South Korea, and Angola.

Health officials are continuing investigations with cilantro, Foster Farms, and eggs as well as with other food products. The objective is to stay healthy and avoid illness, but only we decide what we digest.


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