Driving Habits


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Driving motor vehicles is dangerous when we have bad habits. There are many bad habits while driving. Driving a car is like driving a bomb on wheels. We have to be careful on the way we drive because we can hurt someone or someone may damage our vehicles. These are some of our worst habits when it comes to driving.

Texting while driving:

Being on the phone while driving is at the top of the list on bad driving habits. It can be either texting, snapchatting, being on twitter, or even talking on the phone. Paying more attention to the phone than the road can cause serious damage. Teenagers are the worst with texting and driving. Teens expect a reply back within 5 to 10 minutes, which puts pressure on them to respond while driving. Although people do use their cellphones on a regular basis, keep them on hands free mode to prevent an accident.

Applying Makeup while Driving:

When time is pressed, women apply their makeup behind the wheel. It is not safe to do so because us women have to stay focused when applying cosmetics when we should be paying attention to the road. Regardless if we want to look flawless, we must be safe too when on the road.

Signal Lights:

Many drivers do not use their signal lights, and it is one of the most dangerous driving habits. Not using signal lights is an increase of a car accident or also be to the point of a situation where drivers use road rage. Signal lights need to be used when driving, because when merging onto a different lane there are chances of hitting another car that may be speeding.


Speeding is by far the most dangerous driving habit. Teenagers who drive try to show off to their friends in their vehicle with speed. Some people who are in a rush go 80mph in a 45mph zone. That is a huge increase of risk for a car accident. Car insurance for teenagers is higher because the chances they have for a car accident are higher than an adult.

People who have these habits should be more careful and responsible on the road. There are chances we can injure a pedestrian and/or get into a very bad car accident.

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