Do We Deserve to be Happy?


Staff Writer

As humans we are always looking for new ways to find happiness. In order to find that happiness within yourself, you must learn to forgive and forget. We cannot spend the little time that we are given on this earth being mad about something little, because remember, someone out there always has it worse. Always live in the present, do not think about the future nor replay the past. Instead, live for the moment. A healthier lifestyle is a happier lifestyle; always try your best to give your body the nutrients, sleep, and exercise that it needs. At the end of the day, you are the one who controls your happiness, so do your best to keep a positive mindset.


One thought on “Do We Deserve to be Happy?

  1. All people deserve to be happy due to the fact that life is kinda a big struggle for most people and some of them need a little happiness in their lives to get them through out their day.

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