Chipotle Lawsuit


Staff Writer

In April 2015, Chipotle announced that they would no longer make or sell food with genetically modified ingredients. September 1, 2015 was the day that a law firm filed a lawsuit in court claiming that the Mexican grill was misleading and deceptive because they were still serving their food with GMO’s ( genetically modified organisms).

Chipotle’s meat, cheese, and sour cream are made with the ingredients of animals that have been fed with soy and corn with GMO’s. The soft drinks, served at Chipotle, have ingredients with corn syrup included, which is made with GMO corn.

This case was filed in Northern California, by a customer of Chipotle, Kaplan Fox.  Fox has purchased their food since April 27, the day that Chipotle declared that they were G-M-Over it.

In recent news reports, Chipotle announced that some of its ingredients for their foods are still made with genetically modified ingredients.

Chipotle has over 1,500 restaurants across the globe. At the time of their announcement, founder of Chipotle declared that the chain had eliminated the GMO ingredients until the science is more reliable.


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