Car Crashes into Pool


Staff Writer

 A car crashed into an apartment complex swimming pool. A woman (not named) was in her thirties, when she was driving and wanted to stop. So rather than her pushing the brake, she pushed the gas, causing her to plunge into the apartment complex’s pool. The accident happened around 11 p.m. on Sunday. The apartment complex’s name is Chateau Monterey. The apartment complex is around Willow Avenue and Gettysburg Avenue in Clovis. Unfortunately, there was minor damage to the pool. The woman eventually made it out of the car safely. The car was pulled out of the apartment complex’s pool overnight. Due to clumsy and outrageous driving, she not only damaged her car, but she also caused damage to the apartment complex’s pool. She made one mistake, causing a big problem. They had to use a crane just to get the car out of the pool. She was seen driving a silver car. (Type of car was unidentified) Traive Trav DeMont sent ABC30 News a video of the actual car being pulled out of the Chateau Monterey apartment complex’s pool.

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