Baby Doe’s Killer


Staff Writer

As I stated in my article last week, there was a toddler’s body found nearly three months ago in Boston inside of a black trash bag. Since the body has been found, authorities have made multiple discoveries in the case. They had created a computer- generated image of what they believed the child looked like before her death, and they now know that the girl’s name was Bella Bond. She was almost three years old. Bella’s mother, Rachelle Bond, and her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, are both being charged on the case. Bella was purportedly murdered by Michael because he believed she was possessed and, “it was her time to die”. The couple  showed up to the court hearing and both pleaded guilty. McCarthy’s lawyer claimed his client did not even know Bella was dead until Friday when authorities told him. Bella’s mother has apparently had two of her children previously taken from her by the state and had her parental rights terminated due to drug use and child neglect. Bella was taken away from her mother as well. Rachelle told authorities that the night Bella died, she was misbehaving and did not want to go to bed. Once Rachelle put the toddler in her room, McCarthy went in to “calm her down” and Rachelle walked in the room to a purple-faced Bella along with Michael saying,” She was a demon any way. It was her time to die” Rachelle Bond stated that Bella was killed by McCarthy, “repeatedly punching her in the stomach until she stopped breathing”. McCarthy then refrigerated the body and injected himself and Rachelle with Heroin and the two remained intoxicated for days until Michael put the body, as well as weights in a black trash bag and threw them in the water. Rachelle’s friend said that McCarthy was always controlling and did not let Rachelle leave or use the phone without him being involved. Michael’s lawyer believes his client did not kill Bella and that Rachelle is just making up stories to cover up the fact that she might have killed her daughter. The authorities are still looking into the case and figuring out how to charge Rachelle Bond and Michael McCarthy.

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