Staff Writer

Everyone is different in our world, we are not all the same, nor perfect. There are people in our world who are diagnosed with autism. To those who make fun of people with autism or are diagnosed with any type of mental illness, they do not know what their families go through. There are kids who cannot speak and still need their parents’ help at the ages 13-20 sometimes. Most kids who are diagnosed with autism end up being able to speak or do things on their own later in their years.

I have a cousin named Andrew; he is 15 years old and a sophomore. He cannot speak or do much on his own, but he is a very smart boy. When we go in public, people look at him as if he were not human like us. He is different but he is still a human being. He loves baseball and animals. People with autism are wonderful and special people.

On April 2nd of every year, it is World Autism Awareness Day. We celebrate autism awareness in honor of children and adults who struggle with autism, to lead meaningful lives. The symbol of autism is a puzzle piece. The puzzle piece represents a mystery that has not been solved until all the pieces are together. The colors baby blue, red, yellow, and dark blue are colors of the puzzle piece.

We are all human and should not be judged because some of us may be diagnosed with autism. Even people with ADHD should not be treated any different because they can have bipolar thoughts that can lead to harm  themselves or others. We have to think about what we say and watch our actions.  


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