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One of today’s biggest controversies is the pro-choice and pro-life beliefs. You have probably heard this sensitive topic throughout the years in a lot of political debates between Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, and religious leaders. Each have a very strong and extreme belief. Through every protest and meeting, each have something in common. It is either black and white, but no grey area.

Roe vs. Wade is an important court case that we might have all discussed in our U.S. history class, where it gives the right for women to have an abortion. However, the court case never stated that it was unlimited. Meaning that abortion can be banned in states unless it will affect a woman’s life or health. Sexual abuse results in around almost 33,000 pregnancies a year and it causes women even more trauma after they have given birth, and others will say abortion did the same to them. Around 800 women die from childbirth every day, and some politicians are requesting to lower the funding on women’s health as well as on sexual education.

Many factors can ruin a woman’s life and giving a woman a choice gives her a decision on how her life should be lived. The idea that if a woman has sex she should pay the consequences and deal with the pregnancy. Forcing a child to be born to punish a mother is the real problem and should be viewed as child abuse. Adoption is always an alternative that people have continuously recommended instead of abortion. However there are still problems with giving up a child for adoption. A lot of the times when a child finds out they are adopted they go into a state of grieving. Not only this, but a large amount suffer from low self esteem and abandonment feelings throughout their lifetime.

No matter which way, there is always something that will end up in a dispute. Abortion is considered murder to some and a help to others. In the end, it is a person’s right to decide on their medical decisions, and on how their body is to be maintained. There are limits, however, as was stated in the Roe vs. Wade case: it can banned in states unless it affects a woman’s life or health.

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