What Motivates You?


Staff Writer

Everyone has goals they wish to reach, but to do so, they must have some motivation. Whether the goal is a small one you could accomplish simply,  or one that may take years to accomplish, without motivation, you’ll likely just forget about setting the goal. For example, say your goal is to have a slimmer stomach by next summer. There are multiple methods you could do to achieve this. Exercising, dieting or both. You could just blow it off, and only exercise when it seems convenient for you. However, you could just think about when summer arrives. You want nothing more than a slim stomach when you wear a swimsuit. That is what will motivate you to work hard to achieve your goal. Or maybe your goal is to go to a convention of some sort. To achieve that goal you would have to save up enough money for the ticket. What your motivation is would be the thought of going to the convention. That hard work would pay off. There are many things that could motivate us, whether it be the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal or something else.

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