Volcano Eruption In Japan


Staff Writer

On Sunday, September 13, 2015 Mount Aso unexpectedly erupted in Kumamoto on the Island of Kyushu in Japan. According to the Sadayuki Kitagawa from the Japan Meteorological Agency,”the smoke rose not only vertically but also horizontally,”releasing thick clouds of ash high into the atmosphere. Citizens were told to immediately distance themselves about 1.25 miles of the volcano.

Mount Aso is a popular hiking attraction and hundreds of people were able to evacuate safely with no issues. There were no homes within the evacuated area, and no one has been injured or killed.The government tells everyone to be cautious due to the possibility of a second volcano eruption, erupting up to six tenths of a mile.

According to Japan’s National Public News Network, twenty air flights were rerouted or canceled due to the danger level of the volcanic particles being thrown up in the air. Japan’s Airlines announced on their website,”flights from and to Kumamoto are experiencing irregular operations, at the moment.Our flight operations are subject to the eruptions Mount Aso.”

Last year in August of 2014, Mount Aso erupted and even in past years the volcano erupted quite frequently too. Mount Aso is approximately 128 kilometers in circumference and is 1,506 meters high. Japan is accustomed to frequent volcanic eruptions and emergency evacuations, since Japan lies on the so-called “Ring of Fire,” which means a tectonic zone where many volcanic eruptions occur.


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