Twitter Gets Sued


Staff Writer

Twitter is being sued for invading their user’s “privacy” by replacing links with their own “” links in the direct messages of their users.

Resident of California, Wilford Raney, filed a class-action lawsuit against Twitter this week. The case is costing millions of dollars in damage.

According to Wilford, the company advertises that the direct messages or DM’s between users is absolutely private, but in reality, Twitter reads all messages even though they do not have users permission. The lawsuit claims that this action violated the rules of Electronic Privacy Act and California Invasion of Privacy Act.

The issue that Raney claims is that Twitter replaces a link with their own short link that uses its domain address. His reasoning is that when Twitter replaces a link in their messages, it is the same as if they were reading them.

He also notes that Twitter then masks the short link, and instead shows a more readable version of the link to the users. For example, a link to a New York Time’s article will show as linking to the newspaper’s own link-shortening service at

The lawsuit states that any normal Tweet is open to the public and that Twitter is entitled to read them. It advertises its Direct Message service,” Direct messages can only be seen by the people included.”

It pursues damages equal to the profit made by Twitter due to its “unlawful conduct” or $100 dollars from each member of the class action lawsuit each day. It also seeks legal damages of $5,000 dollars from each member every day and other unspecified damages.


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