Tupac’s Death


Staff Writer

This past Sunday marked the 19th anniversary since Tupac Shakur’s death. The famous rap star  was shot after leaving Mike Tyson’s fight at the MGM Grand, where Tyson defeated Bruce Seldon for the heavyweight championship. That would be Tyson’s last ever heavyweight championship victory. Before leaving MGM Grand that night, Tupac, Suge, and their entourage beat up a rival gang member, Orlando Anderson. Suge Knight got 9 years for taking part in this attack. After leaving the fight, the whole entourage was headed to a strip club, when out of nowhere a car pulls up and starts shooting at Shakur’s car. Both Tupac and Suge were hit but Pac got it worse, getting hit four times. The shooters were never identified, unfortunately. After fighting for a long and painful six days, the rapper was pronounced dead on September 13, 1996. The cause of his death came from complications from his gunshot wounds (Cardiac arrest). To this day, 19 years later, the case still remains unsolved.

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