Staff Writer

Your potential is when you become more aware of what is inside you, and you give more weight to your beliefs than how you feel. Then you will become unstoppable, unshakable, and unbreakable. Your potential is your words and words hold power; power is limited, but words are forever. No one ever forgets how you made them feel. It does not matter to them what you did or did not do; it solely connects to their emotions that is tied with how you impacted them. Unleashing your potential will either break or make you into what you should and will become. Rocky Balboa said,” Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.” Never give up on anything you set your mind to; it will make you lose your perspective and ultimately change your story. Every life is not just living, it is learning the ropes and getting higher and higher until you reach the top. Of course, you have the times when you stumble and miss a step, but that is okay because you were taught as a child to get back on your feet and start again. Your potential is wired through your life and what you will do; it is not a matter of if or where but when. Make the “when” now because there is no better time than the present.

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