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In modern day society, social media is a big thing, whether we want it to be or not. Originally, social media was made as a way to communicate with loved ones who lived far away. Nowadays,  we use it to set up plans, share important news, connect with others and post pictures. Many of us, when posting pictures of ourselves,  edit the photo to make our appearance better. This could be seen as a good thing for some, but is it really a good thing? There are so many filters to enhance the colour of the photo, it often times ends up looking slightly unreal. Not to mention there are editors that allow us to rid our skin of acne, but in reality, they are still there. When your photo gets liked by someone you know in person, and go somewhere with them, does that make you feel insecure about your appearance? However, photoshop and photo editors are not the only things that could have both a negative effect on one’s self confidence. Many girls and women wear makeup, that is just a part of life, but does that affect their self esteem? Often when women wear makeup they feel more attractive, but when the makeup comes off, how do they feel about themselves? I personally think filters and photo editors are great, when used to a certain extent. One should feel comfortable with their appearance without changing it up completely.

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