Perception of Beauty


Staff Writer


What defines beauty is not a number by any means. In today’s world, we see an enormous amount of female models with 24-inch waist and 34-inch hips with cup A breast. Now those measurements are ridiculous! Of course some women are born with tiny frames, but most are not.  Women are designed to be a little on the thick side because we do get to experience the miracle of child bearing. But now a days women are encouraged by famous role models to deform their body using such tools as waist trainers, that can theoretically harm your ribs and make breathing difficult; and doing all liquid diets , in which you starve yourself by only drinking mixtures that involve laxatives. Many other fads are making their way into homes of women who are medically healthy, but aspire to have a clinched slim waist because it is continuously shoved into our heads that the women with such small toned waist and arms and legs modeling underwear and clothes are chosen because they are ‘beautiful’ so beauty must mean smaller. Companies such as Dove and Playtex are doing the right thing and encouraging the size and look of real women. They celebrate the many skin tones that make a woman beautiful, and the bountiful breass that some women are born with. Women do face many pressures in society to look a certain way, as do men. In the male community, many feel, in order to be considered desireable, they need to look a certain way. After asking multiple men I found the top three needs to look ‘hot’ are a fit body, a nice mix between light and tan skin tone, and height. Males don’t necessarily feel as pressured as women do to look a certain way, but they are aware of the standard that is put to be considered a hot, desirable man. It does not mean that they don’t care as much as women. When I go to the gym I always see a group of muscular guys lifting weights as if they need any more muscles to their arms that look like an elephant’s leg. They push themselves more and more to look ‘fit’, although most would deny that they are insecure. It is more than obvious when groups of men show up for hours upon hours to lift weights. But none of it matters; for example, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are a beautiful couple although Jennifer Garner is not a model and Ben Affleck looks like he could be your friendly neighbor from across the street.  All in all, beauty is not a way to be, but the natural perfection you were born with and the beauty you hold within yourself.

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