Northern California Wildfire




It is no surprise California has been witnessing a historical drought for the past couple years. The drought has caused so many devastating effects such as leaving some counties without water to shower or drink. Most farmers from the Central Valley have had to cut back on water usage leading them to plant less crops, and the wildlife has been drier than past years combined. Recently in the past two months Northern California has been burning up in temperatures, reaching 104 and above, and fires, as many as ten throughout California . The Valley and Brutt fires specifically have been causing much devastation. In the past two months the wildfires collectively have burned over 8 million acres of land, including nearby communities causing over 20,000 families to leave their homes and treasured memories behind to turn into dust and ashes. The firefighters have been challenged in their efforts to put out the fires because of the drought. The lack of natural water in the mountains have left the countless trees, bushes, etc. dry which allows the fire to burn effortlessly through much of the land leaving nothing but ashes in its path. In the past couple days South America is catching a glimpse of what could be another El Nino hurricane. California has experienced some of the rain coming from the hurricane but not enough to cure our condition. The sign of rain, however, has left many optimistic that maybe the 2015 winter might be the year we get the rain that is needed in central and northern California.  

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