JFK, Stalin, and Strippers?


Staff Writer

When a teacher teaches you a lesson, they always try to reel you in and grab your attention. Teachers always compare their lesson to reality which is why this one English teacher in Dallas, TX decided to demonstrate a lecture on grammar using two historical figures and strippers to grasp his students attention.

An English teacher in Texas uses pictures of strippers, JFK, and Stalin to make the point about using commas. A sophomore English teacher at Highland Park High School had illustrated an image of John F. Kennedy Jr., Joseph Stalin, and two striptease performers with inappropriate clothing to demonstrate how a comma can change the meaning of a sentence. The importance of the illustration was excluding a comma before using the word “and”. The drawing shows that without the comma, the two heads of state are identified as the exotic dancers.

The parents weren’t exactly pleased with the English teacher’s form of teaching the lesson. Most parents had thought it was a little inappropriate, and didn’t understand why the teacher would use that. But not every parent had thought the image was bad. A few others had thought it was a little inappropriate, but they are not sure what to teach kids today. This was a way to catch the attention on something. From different point of views, people could see where the teacher was coming from, but it was not appropriate for high school students.

This was an isolated incident and the teacher had apologized for the mistake occurred. He had apologized to the students in his classes that same day. The English teacher had made the decision to use the drawing on his own and it was not approved by the school district.  

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