High School Relationships


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There are all types of relationships these days. In high school, everyone is trying to figure out who they are, and who they want to become. There are many pros and cons of relationships in high school. Some grown ups would say high school relationships are just for fun or for figuring out ourselves. I think being in a relationship in high school is good for us. You always have someone to talk to and they will always be there for you, if you have the right boyfriend/ girlfriend. It also teaches us to be better communicators and learn to consider the feelings of others. You can learn what you like in a person and what you don’t like for the next time to make it a better relationship. However, today’s idea of “ highschool sweethearts” is an urban legend. We teens think when we have been together with a guy for over a year that means we will “be together forever.” Hate to break it to you, but there is a 4 percent chance that you will marry that person. I feel love is a very strong word and should only be used when you truly are feeling that way; we can not convince ourselves we love a guy/ girl just because we are dating them. That word can mess with a fragile teen’s heart and totally damage a person when they breakup, because you think, “how can someone say they love me and move on to the next girl just like nothing?”  Well that’s what we do, we just decide one day we want something new and we move on from it. Having a relationship as a teen allows us to learn the flow of relationships, grow as an individual, and prepare for the world ahead of us. You may not find “ the one” in these next four years, but we have to be ok with that. We all go through this experience together, we all move on, and we all try to find love. In high school, we are trying to prepare to go to college and we do not need any distractions, although it might be fun to skip homework and go to get ice cream and stay out late. It is even better to have an education to fulfill your dreams, then you can be ready to have a successful, enjoyable relationship.

One thought on “High School Relationships

  1. I find what was said to be very truthful in terms of why people date in high school. The display of the article was quite phenomenal as well.

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