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Schools are intended to expand the knowledge of our future generations and to help ready them for the vastness of our world. However, schools have become a treacherous nightmare for students and instead of helping them, they are being harmed.

A majority of students have realized that bullying has become a devastating horror on school campuses, and only 1 in 4 teachers will ever notice it. 1 out of 10 students will drop out because of bullying, and over 90% of students have been victims of bullying. These statistics are just a preview into the unimaginable realities of what almost every student has to face. The fact that society has corrupted our children so much to the point where they have to torment the people around them is horrid. Why has society reached to its dangling ends to where they can not fix anything, but instead destroy it?

Instead of trying to help the younger generations, they are instead being hammered down by the never ending judgements of society. Children are learning how to isolate themselves from students, covering up bruises, and creating bottles of emotion trapped inside them. Instead of blaming or singling out a child, a community needs to be made in order to make others feel welcomed and bring everyone in together. This will balance out the idea of powers between all of the students and instead of isolating them they will soon see how much everyone has in common.

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