Baby Doe


Staff Writer

On June 25th, the body of an unknown child was found in a black trash bag by the shore of Deer Island. She was wearing pink polka dot pants, and lying next to a zebra print blanket. Officers say that they found the body of the child looking as if she were suffocated. They estimated that the body had been in the water for about a week or two. The authorities found some pollen on the child’s pants and sent it to a lab for testing. The results showed that she had been in the Boston area, as well as other states around the area. A forensic artist, named Christi Andrews, took information about the pollen on the child, as well as body samples and autopsy information and created a computer generated image of what she believes the child could look like. She appeared to be about four years old, three feet and six inches tall, short brown hair, and earrings. This image has touched the hearts of many people. As authorities continue to drain the lagoon the child was found in, they are also going through the neighborhoods nearby and handing out fliers, while asking residents to report any suspicious activity they may see around the location. Everybody involved in the case is currently trying to get out the picture of the little girl, as well as her story in hopes that somebody will step forward and give any information about her. They are also still running some tests to prove where the girl was from and what she recently encountered. Many people on social media are also sharing the picture to help spread the information and picture.

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