Red Hood


Staff Writer

They all told me to run, and that’s all I seem to hear these days by every single person. They all said I couldn’t take it, that I was too small and weak. They all say I’m innocent and nice. They say I’m the mute; they think I’m normal. I’m not.  They are all so very wrong. Who do they think protects them from the outside world? I do. Why is there never any visitors? I keep them out. It is my job after all.

“Run Blue Eyes!” That’s all I am hearing as the intruders kept coming into the territory. They did not expect a reply, after all they do think I am a mute. They are wrong. They all are a bunch of bloody idiots. So I did what they told me to do. I ran, but not in the direction they were expecting. I ran to my home and my sanctuary, the woods. In the city I have two different names, Ashley and blue eyes. Unless of course you’re my best friend, Nicita; she calls me Blondie. Odd name, Nicita, but it suites her. Out in the forest  is where we truly become ourselves. Nicita is the Masked Assassin, I am Red Hood.

As I run to the woods, I trip the alarm. It basically lets Nicita know she needs to get to the cabin and get ready for battle. About three minutes later, I see a shadow starting to close into my direction. I realize it’s Nicita and just keep running. “What’s going on?” she asks.

“Some blasted idiots decided to come into our territory,” I replied.

She scoffed and said, “That’s bloody stupid, do they not realize that this is our territory?” “Guess not,” I replied.

We were quiet after that and just kept running to the cabin. We get there and head straight to our rooms to get ready for battle. In each room there is security requiring a hand print and a retina scan. Once it opens all we have to do is put on our gear; today I choose a simple black tee- shirt, black shorts, combat boots, and my signature red cloak. Once we meet up in the front room, we call our wolves for battle.

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