Meet the New History Teacher!


Staff Writer


El Diamante High School consists of 79 teachers and it will continually diversify in the ever expanding growth of our school. Seven new teachers have arrived here at El Diamante to spread their knowledge to the growing minds of our students. One of which is Mrs. Upton who has distributed her teaching to the history department.

Mrs. Upton is a family person who loves to interact with her students and expand their knowledge to the fullest. Before she became a teacher she worked at AT&T where she was a retails sales manager, but she says, “I rarely got to see my daughter and spend time with my family.” She explains that she loves kids and that teaching was something that she has always wanted to do. “I hate giving lectures, instead, my favorite part is interacting with the students.” She says she loves the classroom setting and everything about the students.

When she does not teach, she is an animal rescuer with her daughter. She says that helps a lot of animals such as squirrels, but mostly birds, “We get a lot of hawks and other birds”. Her family rescued animals as well while she was growing up, and hopes to keep helping the animals with her daughter.

You can find Mrs. Upton teaching U.S. and World History in room 615. If she calls you kid, she says, do not take offense, “I call all my students kid. I even had a student come up to me during summer school asking why I call them kid! So I do not mean any offense!” Mrs. Upton loves teaching at El Diamante and enjoys introducing new knowledge to students.

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