Is Milk Really Bad For You?


Staff Writer

Growing up your mother always nagged you to drink your milk so you could have “strong and healthy bones!” Scientists have found that this common household belief may not be true. A study published in the British Medical Journal shows that those who drink more milk are more likely to die from heart disease and cancer. It also shows that women who tend to drink more milk suffered from hip fractures and overall fractures. The science behind this is that instead of providing calcium like originally believed milk acidifiers neutralize the calcium in your bones instead of contributing more. The original calcium in your bones is removed and leaves your body via urine. In the end you are left with a calcium deficit, being more prone to fractures, heart disease, and cancer.

Though it is being discovered that milk does not contain as many health benefits as originally thought, it does still help your body in other ways. Drinking milk makes for strong, healthy teeth and does still provide minimal amounts of calcium to your body.

In the end, I think we both know the answer. No, milk isn’t the best for you. If ever asked “Got milk?” politely smile and say “No, thank you!” because you know better.

One thought on “Is Milk Really Bad For You?

  1. This article caught my eye. The thing is I love milk and I drink it daily so this article gave me a great notice. Your articles are giving others facts they didn’t know about the importance of a humans body and other essential topics. Good Job!

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