Introducing Mrs. Rios


Staff writer                                              

Mrs. Rios is one of the newest staff members of El Diamante and one is of the new Spanish teacher at El D.This is her first year teaching at ELD. Mrs.Rios quotes that the students of El D are,”Very positive and I see a lot of future in all my classes.”

She came to the United states when she was about eleven years old, didn’t speak English and understands how difficult it is to learn a new language. In the beginning she was looking at the possibility of pursuing a career in business administration or anything business related. However, she always knew that she had a passion for teaching, but at the same time she wanted to be this  “businesswoman”. Mrs Rios says,”my heart is broken into two parts, one part is helping others in some way, the other part is knowing something and able to share my knowledge with someone else.”

She came to realize that she liked the operation of schools and immediately decided that she wanted to pursue a career in teaching.She felt like she was a stranger because the culture is different and didn’t speak English and just felt out of place. Mrs.Rios was inspired by one teacher who told her not to give up and just keep moving forward. However, Mrs.Rios was at COS and when she was about to transfer she was still wavering on whether to be a teacher or continue business administration.

Mrs Rios quotes that,” classes and staff members are always very helpful with any questions I might have and are very supportive.


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