Global Warming


Staff Writer


In the last decade a major problem that is facing worldwide has terrified the nation. It is slowly killing the planet and has left devastating results.

Greenhouse gases have greatly increased especially the carbon dioxide levels. The gases act as a thermal blanket covering Earth’s atmospheres which, given to the name, increases the average temperature on the planet. An increase of carbon dioxide comes from deforestations, burning of fossil fuels, and factories. Deforestations release tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, because it is in the plants system. Not only this, but it destroys the factors that convert the poisonous gas into something that animals require, oxygen.

The effects of global warming is drowning our polar bears causing extreme heat, and leading to uneven sea levels. All of these effects are causing major chain reactions that are quickly showing up in history. The more the greenhouse gases increase the likely it will bring larger and relative devastating destruction, but global warming does not stop there. The temperatures will continue to rise with the continuous treatment, and will pass on to future generations.

Changing sea levels change the ocean’s currents and is proven to cause tropical storms. Animals are becoming endangered because their ecosystem is drastically changing. Droughts are dangerously longer and more severe, killing more plants and reducing the amounts of food. All of these are just some results on the tragedy of global warming.

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