Meeting Mr. Porchia


Staff Writer

The new school year began, and the El Diamante family has gained many new members. In fact, one of them is Mr. Porchia. A former chemist, now working as a chemistry teacher here on campus, he has taken the time to have this interview and answer some questions.

Even though the school year just began, how was your first week here at El Diamante?

It was very very fun and very very great! The students are some of the best I’ve ever been in contact with, and the curriculum is fun to teach.”

Did any teachers from the science team help you prepare for the beginning of the year?

“Every teacher from the science team helped me tremendously in being prepared  for the beginning of the year, including Mr.Allen, Mr. Miller, and all of the science teachers helped me out.”

You were a chemist before you became a teacher, right? Why did you leave your job as a chemist to become a teacher?

“Talking to adults is ok, but I prefer to talk to students because they’re more fun and more spontaneous, so, I have to say students are more fun than yelling adults on a telephone and in person.”

What was the coolest lab experiment you ever did as a chemist?

“The most interesting lab experiment was when we did crystal diffraction to determine the actual size of proteins. Another fun experiment was doing acid titration to determine the protein quantity in milk powder. That was pretty fun too!”

As a chemistry teacher, why do you think it is important for students to learn chemistry?

“The subject of cemistry is great for students to learn because it allows them to think abstractly about concepts and also allows them to think simply about concepts. Also, the skills that are utilized in learning chemistry are also interdisciplinary, so those skills such as summarizing and performing procedures can also go into the real world, so, you summarize essays, you also have to build things as an adult; build cabintry, build play sets, work on your car. All of these things are important. All of these things are skills you attain through chemistry”.

As the school year will go on, Mr.Porchia will continue to teach and enjoy the subject of chemistry. Don’t be afraid to stop by room 306 to get to know or just say hi to Mr.Porchia, or any of the new teachers that have joined the El Diamante Family!   

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