The Confederate Flag: Hate or Heritage


Staff writer

The Civil war is a milestone in American history and the Confederate flag has been symbol of hate and racism when that is not the full history behind the flag. The design of the flag itself has nothing to do with hate and racism ; the red of the flag resembles the blood of Christ, while the white border resembles the protection of God  and the 13 stars resemble the 13 seceding states of the U.S.  With this in mind, the flag means with the protection of God and the blood of Christ, the 13 states seceded for their rights, which leads to the next topic.

Many people think that slavery was the only reason why the confederates tried to secede from our nation, but sadly slavery was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The confederates were having their state rights violated by the Federal government, and the north wanted to spread their economy. The north being industrialist wanted to turn the southern land into factories, which would greatly affect southern economy. Regardless, the existence of slavery did not have an effect because the north would have found a reason for war.  Also,  when the the U.S congress raised the tax rate on all imported products, it affected the southern economy greatly because they relied solely on imported products. When bringing this up with congress, they were ignored. Lastly, the north was slandering the southern name greatly through the newspaper, which irritated the south because only a rare few actually beat their slaves when that mostly wasn’t the case. When President Lincoln started his presidency, the south knew their economy would slowly crumble, so they attempted to secede.

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