Ocean Trash and Marine Mammals


Staff Writer

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of marine mammals that die from ocean pollution, entanglement, or ingestion. The majority of the trash that ends up in the ocean is plastic. Recently, there was a video released of a Costa Rica marine biologist, Olive Ridley, removing a plastic straw from a male sea turtle. Ms. Ridley explains why plastic is harmful to the marine life. In April 2007, San Francisco, CA became the first city in the  U.S to ban plastic shopping bags. Marine mammals mistake garbage as food, and once they eat it their digestive system gets clogged and they eventually die.

Plastic never goes away and it is finding its way to the oceans. People will often leave trash in the lake areas but when they do that, it travels into the ocean. We should always be aware with plastic and the marine life to save our marine mammals.

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