Thousands Abandon Homes as California Fire Spreads


Staff Writer

There is a one hundred square-mile wildfire on the loose. It has destroyed many homes, stores, crops, and has killed  firefighter David Ruhl of Rapid City, South Dakota. More than ten thousand firefighters have been fighting to contain them. Most of the wildfires are 60 percent contained. A man told CNN news “ I couldn’t get ahold of my wife, and she finally realized and got out five minutes before the fire destroyed everything we owned.” Most of the fires are topping a hundred degrees, and the thousands of fighters are getting worn down. Cal Fire says “ The flames feed on drought-parched vegetation that hasn’t seen fire in many years.” The fires were mainly caused by lightning strikes. Everybody that has been evacuated from their homes own nothing now. Hopefully the firefighters can stop the fire and make sure everything is safe and back to normal.  


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