Pop Punk


Staff Writer

As you may already kPop Punk - Seth Ruiznow, Pop Punk is a type of music. It is the type of music that almost always makes you want to tear something up and punch stuff to let out anger. In my opinion, it is the best sounding music and has some of the most real songs you can possibly hear. Pop Punk is the type of music that is composed with pure emotion from the band members and always seem to relate with us on some level. The emotion is conceived with hardcore beats and lyrics that almost always have to do with heartbreak. One thing that is a true stereotype for this music is that it is almost always sad. These bands come to let out their sadness and anger through intense rhythmic music to let go and have fun.

Some bands, like Neck Deep, The Story So Far, and State Champs have great music that you can just jam to. Any song will do you good in a car or hanging out with friends. For those looking for an emotional escape, you can listen to the lyrics and know you are not alone. Of course, you do not have to be sad to listen to this music. Its style of music alone is enough to put on any song and simple dance crazily to. I recommend you start out with easy songs from The Story So Far and State Champs to get used to all the yelling and loud nature of the songs.

I would much rather hear Pop Punk songs anywhere than any other type of music because it is such a joy to listen to all the time. Not all songs are hard as well. State Champs and some of Story So Far’s songs have an acoustic rhythm that you can lay back and relax to. If you like to just let out your anger sometimes, i recommend listening to this music in your own privacy and dance your heart out. This type of music will cure any broken heart and will always have a way of getting to you. you will be going through your daily life when you realize you are humming a Pop Punk song until you have to go back and listen to it immediately. Give Pop Punk  a shot and go out and mosh pit with some people that understand you. Pop Punk has great music and great fans.

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