Miner Baseball 5/15

Miner Baseball 5/15


Staff Writer

Last Friday our Miners played in their last game of the season against the Whitney Pioneers. After winning WYL and having a memorable season our Miners fell to Whitney 5-3. It was a neutral playoff game that left the Miners proud of their accomplishments, but left them with bittersweet goodbye to their outstanding season.

The game started off with a bang for both of these strong teams. They each scored a winning run to gain a tie between the two in the first few innings. The Whitney Pioneers came prepared and determined to defeat our Miners. They scored in the third inning bringing in their lead of 5-2 that would win them the game. Our El Diamante boys didn’t lose with shame when they came back in the sixth and seventh to shut down Pioneers defensively and score for the last time.

Our Miners had an unforgettable season with the accomplishment of winning WYL! They had nine home runs, thirtynine stolen bases, and the overall record of 20-11! Congratulations to the seniors who played with talent and passion for their final season as El Diamante Miners.

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