Protesters injured in Baltimore


Staff Writer

Records obtained by The Baltimore Sun through a Maryland Public Information Act, show that correctional officers at the Baltimore City Detention Center refused to admit nearly 2,600 detainees who were in police custody in recent years. Though the records did not mention the severity of the injuries seen by police officers, this is still a serious issue. Especially since suspects are constitutionally guaranteed health care before they are put in jail.

Baltimore police are under scrutiny from citizens following the death of Freddie Gray. Last month, Gray died of a broken neck that prosecutors said he suffered while riding in a Baltimore police van. Six officers involved in Gray’s arrest are facing criminal charges, including one charged with second-degree murder. Gray’s death sparked rioting and widespread protests in the city. Sparking national scrutiny of how police officers treat suspects, particularly black men.

The Justice Department announced that it is conducting a civil-rights investigation of Baltimore police, this Friday.

The records obtained by The Sun showed that 123 of the detainees who weren’t admitted to jail had visible head injuries.

The organized protest had essentially wrapped up when tense confrontations resulted in violence. The violence had been blamed on “agitators.”

The protesters “became very violent. They began to throw objects,” says a witness. “They picked up aluminum barricades and smashed windows at our bars and pubs.”

Patrol cars were smashed, six police officers suffered minor injuries and thirty four people were arrested.

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