Graduation is Here!!


Staff Writer

Graduation.. Shelby Jehle

Whether you are a senior or not, graduation is still a time for sorrow and celebration. As seniors it is a time of excitement for life to start, as well as fear for life to start. Graduation is so final and walking with your friends is one of the most real moments that you will ever experience. In that moment you know that there is no more babying, no more hand holding, and no more safe zone. Graduation means that we are done, closing one door and opening another. We get to take that cap and throw it into the air with pride, and even though movies show excitement and happiness, this is also a sad moment. One chapter of life is done and now we are off to college or whatever it is that you are doing. This ceremony symbolizes so many things, and that is why we must practice and look a certain way. Though this is sad , this is meant to inform as well.  We need to know how to end our four years of high school in just the right way.

For Seniors, we have our ceremony practice on June second, bright and early in the morning at 8:00 am, at the Mineral King Bowl and participation is mandatory. That night, we will actually be graduating in our fancy attire of men in dress slacks and ties, and women in dress pants or dresses and flats or wedges. Remember not to bring all your electronics and accessories if you are a senior participating. Once you get into the Redwood Gym at 6:30 pm with your cap and gown, the staff will inspect clothing and then the commencement ceremony will proceed. It is important to remember to follow all the rules to ensure that you will get to graduate and walk with your friends.

Again, graduation is an oh-so special moment for seniors, and it is important to make sure that you follow the rules and dress accordingly to ensure that you are not going to get in trouble. Though we are at the point of graduation and freedom, in order to enjoy our last moments with the school and some of our friends, make sure that you do not go against the grain and wear anything inappropriate or bring anything that you do not need. In these last few weeks, stay out of trouble, have fun at the last senior activities if you are a senior, or if you are not, then enjoy your last moments with your seniors, and get ready to come support them at the Bowl on June 2nd. Class of 2015 is almost gone so get ready to celebrate!!

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