End of the Year Laziness


Staff Writer


As the school year comes to end, students are becoming more “done” with school. Students are done with their grades, done with doing their homework, done with looking good for school; students are just completely done with EVERYTHING. I understand this feeling because I have just become so tired and worn out from school, I no longer see the point as well. The fact that summer is right around the corner and graduation for seniors is even closer than that, it is becoming harder and harder to care. Although the year is coming to an end, we tired students have to find a way to hang on to the school year and make the best of it! Even if it involves having to listen to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips as she sings “hold on for one more day!”

The first thing to remember is that if you are a senior, these are your last days of being in high school, take time to soak it in. Knowing that in a matter of days all of this is going to be gone. Yes, some seniors can not wait to leave and are done with the high school memories and are ready to make new memories. However, seniors can not deny that some deep part of them is going to miss Visalia. Some deep part of them is going to miss the rallies, miss  the football games, hey, some might even miss their parking spots! Overall, I do not care who you are and how much you are done with high school, ten years from now you are going to miss this.

As well as, juniors can not wait for this year to end and be one year closer to graduating. I know I can not wait to be a senior but I have to take in some things for consideration. As well as other juniors need to realize there is no rush to ending high school and having your life consist of being financially independent and overall being a responsible adult. All in all, whether you are a senior dying to graduate already or freshman who just does not want to be labeled as a freshman anymore, enjoy high school while it lasts.

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