Commencement controversy


Staff Writer


A viral video circled the internet quickly recently, exposing a Georgia high school principal making a racist remark during a graduation ceremony. Nancy Gordeuk was recorded calling out “all the black people” who left a graduation ceremony during the valedictorian’s speech.

Even if people left the ceremony during a speech, the principal’s actions certainly were uncalled for and alarming. “What was captured on the viral video was the tipping point, not the starting point for the frustration of those in attendance,” a parent said. “Finally, it’s just hard for these students to have their milestone moment turn into a nightmare that will live on in perpetuity as they reflect on this special day.”

The principal, however, had some commentary of her own. “My emotions got the best of me.” There are a few videos of the principal being interviewed and apologizing publicly online, but it is clear that most of the damage done cannot be undone, those who graduated will never get to re-live that moment, and neither will Gordeuk.

As of right now the consequences are undecided. Parents, young adults, and even some teachers are still outraged by their principal’s behavior. It is unsure whether or not Gordeuk will lose her job. At this point only one thing can be positively learned from this experience- think before you speak.

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