Prom Dress Code Around the US


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As we all know Prom is just around the corner, which means people are getting asked left and right, Dresses are being sold, hair appointments are being made, and dress code is being enforced full throttle. For the first time this year, our school has been producing packets enforcing dress code and Prom behavior. Not only packets, but making phone calls to parents in addition to emails. If you think the conduct is strict at this school, there are other schools that have it even worse.


Eisenhower Senior High School has taken an interesting approach involving technology. The students are required to send in selfies of themselves in the chosen dress in order to get it approved. This process has some holes, first you are required to wait to receive a, hopefully, quick response? And what if you put the dress back and leave the shop, after a while you obtain an email of approval, then you go back to the dress shop to get the dress and it is sold. Also there is a privacy rule. Who is the person collecting pictures of potentially underage girls? I personally would not be comfortable sending a picture of me in a dress to someone I do not know.

One of the most popular debate topics is about a teen that has been banned from Prom for wearing a “revealing dress”. Mireya Briceno, 18, of Michigan, was sent home crying last week an hour into her Muskegon High School senior prom for donning a backless, blue-and-white polka dot dress. The shocking part was because she was not sent home because the dress was backless, but how it was too tight on the sides and showed the structure of her stomach. There is a poll online where people voted on the appropriate level of her dress, 86% said that the dress was not revealing and 11% said that it was inappropriate. The rest declared that the pictures were too hard to tell.

The fact that females are being told what to wear to prom based on their body type is demeaning. I do agree that there are some dresses out there that actually are not even a dress, but there is visual proof that a high neck lace dress is too much.  

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