Stress of Senior Year

Senior Stress... Shelby Jehleby SHELBY JEHLE

Staff Writer


When you are a freshman, sophomore, or even a junior, you are told to enjoy it because once senior year hits, all the stress begins. I never fully believed that until I actually got to my senior year. It has been insane. There is so much going on from the moment school starts and planning senior sunrise to the end planning prom. At times it can feel like way too much to handle, at least that is how I have felt at times.

We are given the senior events timeline that maps out our entire year. There are around 20 events on the list and that is just starting from March of this year. It is absolutely insane to think that teenagers of 17 and 18 can handle all of this planning. We not only have El Diamante events, but we have to start worrying about college and our futures. I have been to COS approximately three times in the span of one month and I still have to go back again in the near future. That is just COS, imagine all the people going off having to visit schools and sign and pay thousands for their new life, all that is on our shoulders.

So prom is coming up WOOO! That is the how I wish I felt, but it really is not. Setting up dinner, deciding on transportation, saving money, buying a freaking expensive dress, taking your date to get what they need for prom, matching colors, getting the boutonniere and corsage, buying the ticket, maybe you have to get a guest pass, paying to get your hair and makeup done, AND THEN… making sure you get your yearbook as well as paying for Grad Night or possibly going somewhere else, getting your cap and gown… It all adds up and it all takes up so much time and patience. There is not one day that goes by at this school that you do not hear someone somewhere complaining about all the work that is going into their senior year. By the end of your senior year you will most likely have spent close to  $2,000 or $3,000 plus on college apps, AP testing, events, school itself (supplies and what not), senior pictures, school rings, not to mention lunch every day.

If you are hyperventilating right now I am sorry, but there it is that is how much senior year is costing all of us. It is absolutely crazy and scary to think that in around 300 days of school, we are able to blow thousands and thousands of dollars on everything. It hurts me to think of it because all that money can be going to our college experience, but instead it is going into a one time prom dress and one time events. Very little of it goes into college, no wonder we are so stressed. By the time we look up from our little bubbles of senior year we are in, we see how much time and money goes into it all and it hurts, it really hurts.

This is an important year and it is worth all the stress and money, but at some point it definitely does not seem like it. We are at May 8th seniors, only about 20 days left of school and all the pain of AP is coming to a close for most and the fun of Grad Night and prom is here. My advice is to stop once in a while, take a breath, and enjoy the little things, because soon it will all be over and though it is expensive you are making unforgettable memories. In the end it is worth it!

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