Grad Night Tickets

Grad night ticket- Jaquelineby JAQUELINE GRAJEDA

Staff Writer


Grad night tickets are an opportunity for you to go on your last trip with all of your friends that you have made throughout the years. Before you get to go on this trip you have to buy tickets and there are only 250 seats, which means there are  250 opportunities for you to get a spot on the bus. “It is impossible” some might say, but it is not if you and your friends have a plan.


One way you can be sure to be the first group in line is by waking up early and going straight to school. If it is cold you might want to take a blanket, and do not forget your lawn chair. Text your friends as you wake up and get ready to leave so they will get to school around the same time. If you do not like the idea of waking up early you can stay up the whole night until you feel it is a good time to leave.


If it is on a Monday, school does not start until 9:00 am, so you can go home after and take a nap. By doing either of these you will be guaranteed to have a spot on the bus. It might not be the first bus, but at least you get to a seat with all of your friends and the bus ride there and back will be enjoyable. When you are standing in line it might not be the funnest thing, but hopefully it will all be worth it.


Always remember, standing in line might be frustrating with so many people crowded in one area, so it is important to be patient and understanding. Everyone wants to be on the same bus as their friends, and so they will make sure that happens just as much as you and your friends tried. In all, it is all worth it when you have your ticket in your hand.

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