El Diamante vs Hanford West


Staff Writer


This week our Miners fought at home for a win against the Hanford West Huskies. A lot rested on this anticipated game and like the rest of their season, the Miners won 5-3! With this behind them, their WYL championship rests on if the Redwood Rangers win or lose their game against Whitney on Thursday.

The first inning gave hope to the Huskies when they managed to seemingly fly past the Miners and score three runs. They should’ve known that El Diamante was only warming up and Carter Hoffman quickly scored the first scoring run against the Huskies in the bottom of the first. The crowd and coaches seemed anxious throughout the second inning with barely any base hits and no  runs for either teams.

When the third inning opened, our Miners seemed to regain their enthusiasm for the game and shot out two runs! The Huskies could not catch their breath and fell behind the Miners.

The remainder of the game consisted of the Huskies never achieving another  run, base hit, or impressive steal. Fourth and fifth innings seemed to be a constant struggle between the Huskies and the Miners with the score remaining 3-3.

The excitement began in the bottom of the sixth when the Miners had two outs, a runner on second base, and Adam Chavez walked onto the plate. He hit a shot that flew up the middle and brought himself and the runner, Carter Hoffman in to win the game! The score ended up being 5-3 and the crowd, parents, peers, and players roared with commotion! The Miners did not allow the Huskies to move in the seventh and the Miners went home with yet another impressive win.

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