5 Cups Of Disappointment


Staff writer


The drama posters at every corner of the campus, “5 Cups Of Disappointment,” may have  caught your eye as you stroll around campus,and all for good reason. The El Diamante Drama department performed their spring show May 1st and 2nd right here in our theatre. Ironically, the show was anything but disappointing. In fact, as the show brilliantly unraveled, my excitement and attention grew with each skit, along with my laughter. The chemistry (maybe a little too much) was present among the cast members that allowed the show to flow ever so smoothly. Being a part of the audience, it was clear everyone was enjoying themselves during the show. One attendee said, “Very clever. I loved how they re-did skits from previous shows, but with a little twist, it was my favorite part. And seeing all my friends having so much fun on stage made the show even better. ” – Morgan Lari.  Laughs and giggles were shared all around the room. Seeing our fellow peers doing what they love, will always make the show more enjoyable. For the cast members, it was a once in a lifetime experience, “It was a great experience to share with such great actors and I would do it again in a heart beat.” -Jesus Murillo,  “The drama dept. is El D’s best kept secret!” -Nicole Ginsberg. Overall, it was a wonderful show that kept everyone entertained and laughing, a big round of applause to the drama department.

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