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On April 20th, popular rapper known as Waka Flocka Flame, announced his presidential run in office for 2016, via Twitter. Many who have heard of Waka’s recent declaration have believed it to be a hoax or even a promotion for his upcoming tour ‘Turn up GODz’, but big name magazines and  social media, such as Rolling Stones and Time, have covered and promoted his story. Two days after revealing his run, he tweeted, “This isnt a joke! #Day2 #WakaforPresident #TheWakaCampaign.” via his account  @WakaFlockabsm.


Though many jokes and  memes have surfed the internet following Waka’s seriousness, he campaigns for some important issues very much needed. In his campaign video, produced by the Rolling Stones, he states his first move for being in office will be the legalization of marijuana. Waka also announces another one of his moves as President will be putting more emphasis on the education of our youth. “Education is important,” he states, “We need to start teaching these kids  more reality skills.”


Waka Flocka Flame’s campaign for presidency may have included sarcasm and humor, but I truly believe Waka will be a step up for our nation. Especially and specifically catering to the youth, the youth that will one day be ruling this nation as well. If you ask any young adult eligible to vote, their vote for Flocka is guaranteed. And with reason, when the election of 2016 rolls around and I, myself, is eligible to vote, you can  bet on my vote for Waka Flocka Flame. #WakaforPresident


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