Six Flags or Disneyland?


Staff Writer


I am currently a junior and there has been much debate on whether or not we should go to Six Flags or Disneyland for grad night next year. In addition, juniors are even saying they will not go to grad night if it is at Six Flags. As extreme as it sounds, I agree! It is our senior year and we should at least be able to vote on which park we would rather go to. There are even seniors who wish they could go to Disneyland instead of Six Flags, so much that they are having their own grad night by skipping Six Flags and just taking a group of friends to DIsneyland. Therefore, the majority of juniors and I feel that instead of going to Six Flags we should go to Disneyland.

To begin with, Disneyland offers so many memories that can be made at the happiest place on Earth. Imagine being able to watch Disneyland’s fireworks with friends you have known all high school. Imagine watching the World of Color with those friends. Imagine how fun it would be to ride Splash Mountain, Cars Land, It’s A Small World, Tower of Terror, and Soarin Over California with your best friends! We need to stop imagining and make it happen. Sutten Brebes agrees that we should go to Disneyland next year because “it provides more entertainment for the people who do not want to just ride the rides and it is just an overall better experience, it is something new.” As well as, Naomi Garcia is all for grad night at Disneyland because, “Disneyland has a larger variety of options for everyone to enjoy! I feel like there is something for everyone at Disneyland and the atmosphere is magical!” Knowing this, I do not see anything wrong in at least taking a vote on it, although, I think the answer is pretty clear on which park would win.

On the other hand, I have nothing against Six Flags. However, when I picture grad night Six Flags is not exactly what comes to mind; there is nothing that special about the park. Yes, they have awesome rollercoasters, but grad night is about making memories and I do not want those memories to be about friends not wanting to go on rides and being nauseous.

All in all, Disneyland is more favorable than Six Flags. Knowing this, why are we going somewhere else for grad night? I really hope more juniors and the school start to acknowledge this and make the switch!

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